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Welcome to Chinook

Books may be old-fashioned, but books done well can stand against all challengers. Ancient manuscripts and modern masterpieces are equally exhilarating, and badly designed books of any era are annoying.

Book design is fun, site design is functional. Nothing on this site will change your idea of what the web can do, but the information and samples will give you a sense of what Chinook can do for you.

Busy, but hungry for more

I am busy (luckily) and I want to stay that way. I will never take on more work than I can handle. I focus fully on every project so quality does not suffer.

If you have a book that needs a designer, please use the form on the contact page to describe your project.

Free Samples

If you can not view the Flash portfolio, there are options:

1. Download a PDF of some recent (though getting a bit out-of-date now) book projects: chinook-book-samples.pdf

2. View the same samples as in the PDF, but without downloading anything. No waiting! Just click the image below, or here: Chinook book samples

Because my time is spent making books, all the portfolios tend to get a little out of date. (The tumbr portfolio broke and was in the process of being repaired, but it is a very low priority and may look pretty bad. It is also woefully outdated.)

Ebooks: ePub, mobi, Kindle, nook...

Like most book freaks I will always prefer the thrill of actual books: the textures of paper stock, the sound of turning pages, and especially the visuals: color, contrast, shadow, the symmetrical curves of the halves of an open book. Just take a look at the overloaded shelves in my office: I love books.

Having said that, I have to admit that ebooks are very cool. They're vastly more portable, for example, and when you order an ebook online there's no waiting: delivery is instantaneous.

Chinook has produced .epub, .mobi, .azw and .pdf ebooks to be read on all current readers. I can make ebooks from previously published works or at the same time as I create the print edition of your book. If all goes according to plan, I will soon be offering the production of books as iPad/iPhone apps.

The Chinook Way

Chinook Design puts type and images on paper and screen. My goal is to do it in interesting and attractive ways, and I always try not to repeat myself.

I believe that a book designer's work (aside from the cover, illustrations or other graphic elements intended to be looked at) should be mostly invisible to the reader: unnecessary flourishes meant to highlight design over content are distracting and vain.

Ideally, nothing should interfere with a reader's progress through the text.

My goal is for readers to find the act of reading a book so effortless that they are instantly immersed. They should never have to pause to figure out where their eyes need to go next, and they should never have to stop reading in order to decipher ugly text. If a reader eventually notices the design (carefully chosen fonts, appropriate spacing, pleasing use of white space, etc.) it should be when they've stopped reading.

My basic rule is this:
It is your work and your book. There is no place in it for a designer's ego.

What can Chinook do for you?

Books and journals: Typesetting, layout, indexing, maps, figures and illustrations, covers, dust jackets, etc.

Ebooks: ePub, Kindle, PDF, apps...

I am not prejudiced. I will take on just about any kind of book: fiction, poetry, science, history, dissertation, atlas, cookbook, secret code, etc.

Scholarly monographs, anthologies and journals are among my favorite projects.

I am happy to design other media, such as CD and DVD labels, inserts, booklets and packaging.

I can also design promotional materials for your book: posters, signs, fliers, brochures, cards, and so on.

The basic service I offer is the transformation of your manuscript to a fully-formatted, professional book or article that exactly meets your publisher's specifications.

I have been designing and producing books, periodicals and other printed material for over a decade and I have wide expertise but I have not done everything. I will be honest if you ask for something outside my experience, and I will not use your project as a learning experiment. I will try to win your project only if I believe I can do it right and produce something extraordinary. I do not take jobs just to take jobs. For me, it is better to produce nothing than to produce something weak.

Read more about Chinook's services here.